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Henry Hazlitt Responds to 10 Common Objections to Capitalism

Free MarketsEntrepreneurshipInterventionism


The number of faults that have been alleged against capitalism are without limit. Few have any merit.

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The ABCs of a Market Economy

Free MarketsU.S. EconomyInterventionism


This immense cooperative system is known as a free-market economy. It was not consciously planned by anybody. It evolved.

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Slavery and Freedom

Free MarketsLegal SystemPolitical Theory


This is the fruit of free labor. It is able to create more wealth for everyone than slave labor once provided for the masters.

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"Free Stuff" Isn't All That It's Cracked Up to Be

Free MarketsWorld HistoryInterventionismPolitical Theory


Democratic socialism in Britain in the late 1940s brought a wave of shortages with rations falling even below WWII standards.

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Let's Get Government Out of the Physician Certification Business

Free MarketsHealth


Should the government impose its own standards for certification for physicians? The short answer is "no."

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Mises: The Inequality of Wealth and Income

Big GovernmentFree MarketsInterventionism


Those who advocate equality of income distribution overlook the most important point, namely, that the total available for distribution, the annual product of social labor, is not independent of the manner in which it is divided.

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Marc Faber: Some Misallocation Is Worse than Others

Big GovernmentFree MarketsU.S. History


Is government spending on infrastructure less of a misallocation than other spending?

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Free Trade, and the US as "an Antiquated and Unnatural Construct"

Free MarketsPolitical Theory


Every now and then, I get a letter from a reader that is full of great observations. Here is one of them:

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Mises: The Meaning of Laissez Faire

Free Markets


Laissez faire means: Let the common man choose and act; do not force him to yield to a dictator.

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Bernie Sanders Meets Romanian Internet

Free MarketsInterventionism

Nine cities in Romania rank in the top 15 in the world with the highest speed of Internet connection. According to Bernie Sanders, this is "unacceptable and must change."

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