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Lawrence W. Reed

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Authors Forum: A Primer on the Great Depression

Lawrence W. Reed discusses the latest edition of his primer, "Great Myths of the Great Depression." Recorded at the annual Austrian Scholars Conference, Ludwig von Mises Institute, 12 March 2009. Introduction by Dr. Mark Thornton.
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Who Owes What To Whom?

Media and CultureU.S. HistoryPhilosophy and Methodology

12/06/2001Mises Daily Articles
Successful people who earn their wealth through free and peaceful exchange may choose to give some of it away, but they'd be no less moral and no less debt-free if they gave away nothing. It cheapens the powerful charitable impulse that all but a few people possess to suggest that charity is...
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A Socialist Think Tank?

Political Theory

10/10/2001Mises Daily Articles
"Socialism" and "think tank" are mutually exclusive-even contradictory. Socialism does, however, produce lots of tanks: tanks to suppress people who actually do think.
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Charity and Free Will

Free MarketsMedia and CultureMoney and BankingPolitical Theory

08/09/2001Mises Daily Articles
Charity funded through voluntary contributions is vastly superior to the welfare state. It should stay off the dole.
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The Real Crime of Pearl Harbor

Media and CultureU.S. HistoryWar and Foreign Policy

05/26/2001Mises Daily Articles
Hollywood really knows how to blow things up, whether it be bombs doing it to battleships or a script accomplishing the same thing to historical fact. "Pearl Harbor," reviewed by Lawrence Reed.
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