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Eugen (often Anglicized as "Eugene") Richter (1838–1906) was a German politician and journalist. He was one of the greatest critics of the policies of Otto von Bismarck. His books include the dystopian science-fiction novel Pictures of the Socialistic Future. See Ralph Raico's essay "Eugen Richter and Late German Manchester Liberalism: A Reevaluation."

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The New State Cookshops

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06/21/2010Mises Daily Articles
"All the portions served out are of the same size. One insatiable fellow today who asked for more was rightly served by being heartily laughed at. For what more deadly blow could be leveled at one of the fundamental principles of equality?"
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Pictures of the Socialistic Future

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Written in 1893, it is a novel of life under socialism by Eugene Richter, a German liberal of the 19th century.
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