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  • Chris Calton

Chris Calton

Chris Calton is a Mises University alumnus and an economic historian. He is writer and host of the Historical Controversies podcast.

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Two Portraits from the American Civil War

U.S. History

Among Northerners who rallied for war, nationalism, and not abolitionism, was the dominant factor.

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America's First Civil War

U.S. History

Chris Calton discusses the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which compounded the growing tensions over the slavery question.

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How Ludwig von Mises Studied History

Philosophy and Methodology

While economics is concerned with purposeful action, history is different, and the historian asks why certain actions were undertaken.

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The Jerry Rescue, Uncle Tom, and Anthony Burns

U.S. History

In this episode, Chris Calton discusses some of the most significant outcomes of the Fugitive Slave Act.

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Did Tariffs Really Cause the American Civil War?

Taxes and SpendingU.S. History

Regional conflicts went far beyond a simple dispute over taxation.

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