Monopoly and Competition

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Prepare for the Global Corporate State of Facebook?

Monopoly and Competition


In the dystopian movie Rollerball, all the world is ruled by one giant corporate state “controlling access to all transport, luxury, housing, communication, and food on a global basis.”

Thanks to popular media and the errors of neoclassical economics, we are trained to...

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The True Purpose of "Competition" Policy

Monopoly and Competition


"Competition policy" is one of those great Orwellian terms that means the opposite of what it seems to mean. In most countries, antitrust policy is designed not to enhance competition, but to stifle it, by...

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New Mises View: Peter Klein Explains Blackberry's Fall, Monopolies, and the State

InterventionismMonopoly and Competition


In our latest video for The Mises View, Peter G. Klein discusses the demise of Blackberry and how the market, not regulators, should pick technology winners and losers.


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Land Monopoly

Big GovernmentMonopoly and CompetitionPrivate Property


"There are two types of ethically invalid land titles: "feudalism," in which there is continuing aggression by titleholders of land against peasants engaged in transforming the soil; and land-engrossing, where arbitrary claims to virgin land are used to keep first-transformers out...

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Bookstores in Trouble

Monopoly and CompetitionValue and Exchange


Sadly, Borders Group, Inc. is in trouble and it's up for sale. More and more of these companies continue to drop as consumers pinch pennies on wanna-have but don't-need items. I listened to...

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Patent Hypocrisy

Legal SystemMonopoly and Competition


It always galls me when I see limousine liberals send their kids to fancy private schools while supporting public school; or Congressmen exempting themselves from their own wage and hour legislation.

IP laws are no different. Congress enacts laws protecting imaginary things, with...

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Live by the Sword...

Monopoly and CompetitionValue and Exchange


Am I unlibertarian for hoping this guy wins? I mean, live by the sword, die by the sword, right? These companies clearly actively pursue, support, and employ government monopolies (patents) and use them to squelch competition. If this happens to violate federal anti-trust law, is this a tragedy...

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Et Tu, Opera?

Monopoly and Competition


[Cross-posted at Organizations and Markets]

Opera is an innovative company that makes a fine web browser and has a devoted following. I use Opera...

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